The University of Education, Winneba (UEW), says in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, it has successfully ended its 2019/2020 academic year for all levels without hitches.

The university, after the directive by the President for final year students to finish up their courses, utilised the online Management system and other interventions to bring closure to the semesters’ activities.

At a news conference at the university, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Andy Birikorang said the university was ready to begin the new academic year in September with or without Covid-19.

The University from the middle of March to the 5th of July, put in place a learning and management organisation committee headed by the Pro VC, Prof. Andy Birikorang.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Andy Birikorang reports the university is now going through a post semester process of organizing supplementary examination and research and by the middle of August, graduation would follow.

“UEW took the challenge, we showed that we have the resilience and the courage. We worked within our meagre resources and upscaled our services and systems even though we needed more but within the limited resources, we have been able to bring the semester to a close successfully,” he said.

The University did not only finish up the courses of the final years but also all levels: Level 100 – 400.

Finishing the semester successfully has boosted the confidence of the management of the university, according to Prof Birikorang. He intimates, the 2020/2021 academic year has been planned for with or without coronavirus.

“When we started the LMS in March, UEW already had a platform but we had only 54000 users including staff on the E-learning platform. Our challenge was to enroll all the 85,000 people in the university and by the end of April, we successfully enrolled all our students. Now there 107,000 users on the platform including affiliated colleagues,” Prof. Birikorang explained.

From 600 courses that had been uploaded on the Learning and Management system, at the beginning of the intervention, the Pro Vice-Chancellor explains the university has uploaded more than 2600 courses. The learning and Management systems the university says has come to stay and a hybrid form of academic activities has been adopted by the university and would continue to be so.