Over the past few weeks, Ewes, in Ghana and abroad, have caused an internet sensation with a social media project dubbed the ‘Afevia Challenge’ aimed at supporting efforts to fight the coronavirus.

It is not clear when it started or who initiated it but the challenge invites Ewes to use features of their indigenous culture to educate people on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Persons who have taken part in the challenge have posted interesting videos on Facebook, Twitter or via WhatsApp groups wearing outfits associated with the Ewe culture to share a message or advice, preferably about the pandemic, in any of the many dialects of the language.

Others have used the challenge, which has been trending on Facebook and Twitter as ‘Afevia Challenge,’ to connect with Eʋes home and abroad or to tell the world the part of the Volta Region they come from.

Eʋes – or people who identify with their culture and identity – drawn from a large demographic spectrum have taken part in the challenge.

The Eʋe (usually written as ‘Ewe,’ due to the non-existence of the ‘ʋ’ letter in the English alphabet) are one of Ghana’s five main ethnic groups and reside mainly in the southeast region of the country. They also inhabit the southern half of Togo.