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Bath tub vs shower: What should you go for?

Whether it is a new bathroom, or one in need of remodelling, nothing makes the homeowner think hard like when it comes to the decision of whether they will go for a bath tub or a shower. That is because all that is done in this space rotates around this choice.

Not forgetting that both come in different types, sizes, and styles, and that will also affect our decisions on which tub or shower type it will be. But before we get there, there are some basic features that will help you when making the decision to install a tub or shower in your home.

Who will use the bathroom?
Nathan Masaba, a plumber, either option is appealling depending on who is using the bathroom. “If you have elderly people using the bathroom, you will want to go for a shower because getting in and out of a shower will be easier for them than it would be with a tub. More to that, you can avoid accidents that come with sliding when they are using the tub.”

However, if it is small children, a tub maybe ideal because supervising them gets easier.

“Bathing them in a tub is a whole lot easier than it is in a shower lest you do not mind getting a shower in your clothes because they will surely splash water on you. More to that, as you wash the lather off their bodies, you are likely to get wet which is not so in tub,” Maureen Muwanga, a mother of three shares.

Grace Kibedi, an expectant mother, also vouches for a tub while bathing her children because she does not strain a lot.