A Suicide preventive group, Weinglo Family International (WFI), has initiated a programme on social media dubbed, ‘Live chat with Weinglo’, to educate people on how to deal with the various risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer, Gloria Boatemaa Andoh, indicated that the initiative, which forms part of their second anniversary celebrations, is important since the pandemic is affecting various aspects of people’s lives.

“WFI has continued to maintain its relevance even in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, by engaging both Ghanaian and external resource personalities on how to prevent and deal with the various risk factors on social media platforms.”

Noting the need for more attention on the mental and psychological health of individuals, Madam Andoh touted the numerous achievements of the organisation since its inception.

She stated that professional and technical advisory groups have been created to offer counselling and education on mental health issues.

“Creation of a helpline which links victims of suicide ideation to professional support groups. As a result of this singular act, people who called or texted were given professional counselling with very positive outcomes [change of Minds and purpose to live].”

She further added that volunteers have been formed in different senior high schools and tertiary institutions across the country, to provide support and serve as ‘watch dogs’ for suicidal tendencies and act promptly.

However, the Madam Andoh highlighted inadequate financial support, lack of institutional cooperation amongst others, as major challenges of her organisation.

She then expressed gratitude to stakeholders and workers for working earnestly to curb the growing rate of suicide in the country.

“Reasons that call for the celebration of WFI as an organisation on our second anniversary are marks of growth, creativity and of success as a foundation, by dint of hardwork and perseverance of the team working as a compact unit…”

Since its inception, WFI’s goal is to prevent suicidal tendencies in individuals by embarking on sensitisation and training programmes.