For more than five years, a mother lived in a state of denial after doctors told her that her second child had Autism.

Olivia Baffour-Awuah describes that day as one of the darkest days of her life. It’s been 15-years now.

That daughter, Maame Bemah, 15, is changing the narrative about children with autism.

She is a model and a global icon for the autism aid app. Most children with special needs have their talents and potentials undeveloped but that isn’t the case with Maame Bemah.

She is fortunate her skills developed at an early age by her family and with the right support from her family, those skills and talents have been honed. Maame Bemah was enrolled at the Hopesetters Autism Centre in Tema and aside from her modeling skills, she can also make beads.

12-year-old Ellyse Aba Damtsewa Acquah is 12 years and has been getting formal education at the Epicentre Special School in Gbawe.

Ellyse is also autistic. Autism Spectrum Disorders may significantly limit the capacity of an individual to conduct daily activities and participate in society.

It may often also negatively influence the person’s educational and social attainments as well as employment opportunities.

Head of Department of Child Health at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Prof. Ebenezer Badoe is urging parents to be on the lookout for some early signs of the condition. Maame Bemah and her mother’s story depict the strength in support and how that can change the narrative.

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