Mother of the 13-year-old girl who witnessed the shooting of two policemen at Gomoa Budumburam says her daughter and a three-year-old boy are still traumatised by the incident.

She says her daughter is now unable to sleep at night as her son cries anytime he sees strangers.

The teenager narrated to Joy News how Eric Kojo Duah, the prime suspect shot and killed two police officer at Gomoa Buduburam last Wednesday.

Narrating her traumatic experience amidst tears, said they were in their shop when a police vehicle with two officers [Sgt Micheal Dzamesi and Lance Corporal Mohammed Awal] and a private car pulled up that afternoon.

One of the two policemen got out of the car and slapped Mr Kojo Duah who was driving the unregistered Toyota Camry after attempts to stop him failed. 

According to her, he told the officer he was taking money from his car but pulled a gun and fired at Sgt Dzamesi first and then Lance Corporal Mohammed Awal.

The teenager said the officer then rushed into their shop to seek cover with the L/Cpl Awal also running for his life.

Sgt Dzamesi died in their shop while his colleague who had been shot in the ribs got unto a motorbike to the Police Hospital. He died at the hospital and has since been buried. 

But the gory images have stayed with the eyewitnesses as they cannot get on with their lives.

According to their mother, they have not received any psychological assistance six days after the incident.

She is pleading for help to get her daughter back to her previous state.