The Founder and General Overseer of Action Chapel International has revealed four attitudes that could possibly hasten God’s response to calls from Ghanaians against coronavirus.

Archbishop Duncan Williams listed four attitudes including “humility, an attitude of prayer and seeking the Lord’s face” as attitudes that could merit positive responses from God.

“God said I will hear, I will forgive, I will heal the land,” he said.

He added that the final attitude is “turning away from our wicked ways.”

“So the healing of the land is in the prayers, the humility and the turning away from our wickedness are what determines God’s response to the problem of the land,” he further explained.

President Akufo-Addo declared Wednesday, March 25, a National Prayer and Fasting Day, to seek the face of God in the fight against coronavirus.

Speaking on Saturday during the nation’s address, he urged people of all religious backgrounds across the country to participate.

Archbishop Duncan Williams lauded President Akufo-Addo for instituting such an initiative saying that it is what is required of leaders in times of uncertainty and crises.

“There is the God factor in the governance of nations because he is the possessor of the heavens and the earth.”

He, however, implored on Ghanaians to adopt the attitudes aforementioned.

Urging Ghanaians to take after Jesus’ attitude of humility displayed at Gethsemane on the cross, he described humility as “a total and absolute reliance and dependence on God to heal and to give up on your ways.

According to him, when Jesus said “not my will but Thine’, it was a statement of humility.

“He humbled himself and was obedient even unto death,” he said.

The Archbishop also called on Ghanaians to be persistent with calling on God through prayers.

“Whenever you pray no matter who you are, you are making a statement that ‘God I need you’,” he said.

He also cautioned Ghanaians against joking with religious activities.

“When we talk about things like prayer, you make fun of it and you make all kinds of statements because you believe that you should be able to make sense of everything.

“But there comes a time in the life of everyone that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you’ve learned and studied and achieved in life the situation will face you that you can’t make sense out of.”

The man of God asked Ghanaians to diligently seek the face of God, calling for uninterrupted attention in his presence.

“Take time to understand me and diligently search me,” he paraphrased Proverbs 8:17 to back his statement.

He further said Ghanaians should turn from their wicked ways.

Duncan Williams said Ghanaians should desist from justifying their wrongs and rather turn to God for forgiveness.

“Accusing people wrongly is wickedness. Coveting your neighbour’s goods is wickedness, taking what does not belong to you forcibly and violently from its owners, disadvantaging the innocent, oppressing the poor, destroying others for personal gains are all forms of wickedness,” he said.

Ending his sermon, he implored the mercies of God for all Ghanaians.

“Today, as we turn from our wicked ways, as we repent, as we humble ourselves and as we pray, may God hear from heaven and forgive all of our sins.

“The sins and the iniquities of our fathers and mothers, our great grandfathers and grandmothers, the sins of our bloodlines, the sins of our brothers and the sins of our youth,” he said.