Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) in partnership with Akosombo Textiles Industrial Company (ATL) has produced 15,000 free cloth face masks which it has donated to some ministries, groups and communities.

Some of the beneficiaries were Tourism and Trade Ministries, Bar Operators Associations, the Adabraka community and other neighbouring communities.

These free cloth face masks would be used to help fight against the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

These masks have been approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) as a result of our partnership with ATL.

Free Cloth Face Masks 

On Tuesday, ABL lead by the Country Director, Galo Rivera and the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, Adwoa Aaba Arthur, presented 3000 free cloth face masks to Barbara Oteng Gyasi, Minister of Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture.

This donation is to support the drinking bars in the tourism and hospitality industry which have been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

The Minister expressed her immense appreciation to ABL and commended the company for its kind gesture to support the Ministry.

She said that “the Ministry is very glad that ABL has donated these free face cloth masks to support the affected industries.

“Thank you very much for helping us achieve our goal of distributing items needed to adhere to the precautionary measures at all drinking bars”.  

In response to the Honorable Minister, the Country Director, Galo Rivera mentioned that “ABL is committed to supporting communities with these face masks and especially the drinking bars which are encouraged to operate by strictly adhering to the precautionary measures for COVID-19.”

The next day, Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, Ms. Adwoa Aaba Arthur, presented an additional 3000 free cloth face masks to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

These face masks would be used to support Ghanaians trading in the open markets and central business districts during this pandemic.

The remaining 9000 free cloth face masks were donated to the various Ghana Bar Operators Association (GHABOA), the Adabraka Community, and the Ghana Police Service in our neighboring community.

In an interview, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of ABL, Adwoa Aaba Arthur, said, “ABL would continue to educate drinking bar owners of the fight against the spread of the pandemic and ensure that customers frequently wash their hands with soap and water, use hand sanitizers at all times and practice social distancing at the bars with fewer tables and chairs for patrons”.

In addition, “ABL has a home delivery service through Jumia which provides our customers with the option of ordering any of our products online so they can choose to stay at home and be safe”. 

In April, ABL donated 10,000 free bottles of hand sanitizers – produced by the company – to the Ghana Health Service to support frontline health workers in the country.

Some of these hand sanitizers were donated to the Adabraka Polyclinic, the Association of Ghana Industries and the Adabraka community.

ABL Site 

Ms Arthur said that ABL is strictly adhering to the government’s directive of the “no mask, no entry” policy for all of its employees and authorized visitors.

She said that everyone entering their premises had their temperature checked, ensured that they wash their hands with soap under running water using Veronica buckets, and using hand sanitizers at all the entrances of their premise.

“ABL is committed to supporting communities against the spread of COVID-19. In addition, we encourage all our customers and consumers to drink responsibly and Don’t Drink and Drive”.