President Akufo-Addo has advised Ghanaians to adopt a healthy lifestyle, particularly good eating habits to boost their immune system as fight the Covid-19 continues.

Addressing the nation for the 9th time on measures taken to combat the disease, the President indicated that a healthy lifestyle builds a strong immune system to fight the virus when infected.

Although much attention has not been given to it, he noted that it is equally important and must not be taken for granted.

“We have to improve our hygiene, our fitnesses and exercises, our eating habits and generally our style of living.

“They are all equally important as we fight this pandemic, it is an improved lifestyle that will boost our immunity to disease and the virus,” he said.

The President advised citizens to consume foods that contain Vitamins A, B6, C and E to strengthen the immune system.

He then recommended foods such as ‘kontomire’, oranges, ‘dawadawa’, millet, cashew nut, crabs, plantain, okro, brown rice and mushrooms.

“Fortunately all these foods can be food in Ghana, so patronising these foods, ensuring our personal hygiene, and improving our lifestyle habits should become part and parcel of our daily routines.

“This will help boost our immune systems and help us in the fight against pandemic.”