MP for Tamale Central, Isaac Adongo.

Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo has described as discriminatory the arrest of some 26 market women in Bolgatanga over a demonstration.

Mr. Adongo said the act is unacceptable and should be condemned.

According to him, there have been various instances where people of influence have violated social distancing rules yet have been let off the hook.

“We are aware of several places across the country where people who are seen to be more influential can gather in numbers in express of the president’s directive and are not being arrested,” he told Emefa Appau on Top Story.

Earlier Monday, over 26 market women were arrested in Bolgatanga for demonstrating against authorities in charge of enforcing social distancing protocols.

The women were protesting the locking of the Bolgatanga market in line with social distancing rules aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus but Mr. Adongo said the act is unjustifiable because the market women had not been given any proper assurances of recovering their livelihood.

“These people have not been given any better education, they have not been given the right protocols that are required for them to understand the intentions of government,” he said.

He also condemned the police for transporting over 35 women to the police station in one vehicle, without observing any proper social distancing measures.

“If you want to apply the rules then abide by it. You cannot be penny wise and pound foolish,” he said.

Mr. Adongo also said that as a result of the arrest some 100 persons who are believed to be relatives and loved ones of the arrested persons trooped to the court to ensure the release of their relatives.

“And this is one of the easiest ways to continue the spread of the coronavirus, he said.

He added that “these people are only expressing their fear that their livelihoods is going to be lost.

“They have not received appropriate assurances to the effect that the measures that are put in place will secure their livelihood yet they are being arrested when in this same region, we saw a deputy Attorney General address a party gathering of over 35 people without being arrested.

“I’m not about to accept a situation where the vulnerable are treated with impunity and the big men in society are left off the hook,” he said.