The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has issued a 72-hour ultimatum for the arrest of the perpetrators involved in the murder of 28-year-old Silas Wulochamey.

According to the party, the alleged thugs were arrested by the police but were released after it emerged that the suspects belonged to NPP vigilante groups.

National Youth Organizer of the NDC George Opare Addo at a press conference July 15 served notice that the NDC would fish out the suspects and hand them over to the authorities should the police fail to arrest them within 72 hours.

“Up to date, the killers of Silas have not been arrested. We demand within 72 hours that these people are arrested. In the absence of this, we will have no other alternatives but to find these hooligans, arrest them and hand them over to the police,” he said.

The NDC also alleged that the confusion and violence associated with the ongoing registration exercise is because the government deployed vigilante groups to monitor the exercise.

The fresh graduate from Akim Oda teacher training college Silas Wulochamey was allegedly accosted by some NPP thugs at Kabrono and stabbed to death whilst returning from a visit to his pastor at Wenchi Methodist.