Founder of ICGC, Mensa Otabil delivering a sermon

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil says people need to try something different to recover from the losses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses, homes, relationships that have been broken do not need old mistakes and decisions to survive, he said in his Sunday Service.

“As we recount all that has happened in our lives, we cannot calculate all the losses. There’s been tremendous losses in human life, in quality of life. People have lost their lives. People’s health have become fragile, businesses collapsed, homes distorted, sources of income shattered.”

Mensa Otabil stated that these things have happened to every person who is either good or bad but could also be used as a turning point to make one’s life better.

“A lot has been ruined this year. I don’t know what has gone down but it will be rebuilt again.”

He shared that people “need something totally different,” to recover.

“We are in a time in the world’s history where the wheel of events is turning. So many things are turning and many of us feel our lives are turning chaotically.”

The ICGC founder added that this is the second chance many people have been waiting for.