After four-high profile kidnappings have been linked to Nigerian masterminds, there are increasing concerns Nigerians are becoming a target of xenophobia.

A Chronicle newspaper had a bold inscription, ‘Nigerians at it again!’, a caption that has drawn wide condemnation on social media.

Ghana’s far-left political movement, the Economic Fighters League wants Ghanaians urged a stop criminalising their West African neighbours.

In a statement, the pro-pan African political movement expressed worry that Nigerians are being stereotyped.

Fighter-General Hardi Yakubu who signed the statement said the recent spate of kidnappings involving Nigerian suspects is being used as “a yard stick for judging everyone from Nigeria.”

He stressed Ghanaians should not see any African national as a foreigner because colonialism has created false borders and boundaries across the continent.

The League however wants authorities to deal with anyone who breaks the law irrespective of their nationality.