A researcher with the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) has stated that having a strong immune system as touted by many does not promise safety from coronavirus infection or associated complications.

According to him, although exercising and eating healthy foods can help to achieve this, the genetic makeup of an individual contributes immensely to how an individual’s system fights the virus.

“It is not necessarily a guarantee that you would escape if you have the virus. We have seen people otherwise healthy and strong coming down very badly,” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

President Akufo-Addo has advised Ghanaians to adopt a healthy lifestyle, particularly good eating habits to boost their immune system as fight the Covid-19 continues.

Adding his voice to such call he encouraged the public to continually heed to the advice of the health experts and President Nana Addo to cultivate good eating habits regardless.

Dr Amuasi admitted that achieving a balanced immune system is an arduous task in spite of such practices hence the need to strive for balance.

“Research is currently showing us that beyond having a strong immune system, it’s really about having a balanced immune system because we argue that when the immune system is ‘too strong’ you might actually end up with a reaction that will lead to your death,” he said

Doctors have said that people with underlying health conditions or relatively weak immune systems are more likely to suffer complications of the virus when infected. This may subsequently result in death.