Ken Ofori Atta

The Finance Committee of Parliament has approved an amount of ¢1.2 billion for government to access money from the Contingency Fund to finance the Coronavirus Alleviation Programme (CAP).

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta on Wednesday, presented to Parliament, the policy document on CAP, seeking approval to spend ¢1.2 billion.

This follows demands by the Minority for government to provide details of funding of the money requested by the Minister to tackle coronavirus and its impact on the economy.

According to Ken Ofori Atta, ¢280 million will go into food packages and hotmeals while ¢40 million to the National Buffer Stock Company.

An additional ¢200 million will be used to cater for bills on water and sanitation, ¢241 will cover tax waiver for health personnel.

Explaining further, he said ¢80 million will be spent on the allowance for health staff, ¢2 million will be used to cover transportation for health workers ¢600 million will be disbursed as soft loans to businesses.

Chairman of the Finance Committee, Dr. Mark Assibey Yeboah says his office is writing a letter to authorise the Finance Minister to withdraw the money for spending.

Dr. Assibey says Article 177(1) of the 1992 Constitution, mandates the committee to grant approval of such nature without plenary approval.

Below is the policy document on the Coronavirus Alleviation Programme (CAP)