The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) is set to launch a ‘Ghana@100’ document to guide the next government that wins the December 7, polls.

Director-General of the NDPC, Kodjo Essiem Mensah-Abrampa said at the Commission’s office in Accra that the document will be launched at the Commission’s National Development Forum on Tuesday, October 27.

According to him, the document catalogues the strategic needs of Ghanaians.

“The information gathered spans approximately four years and has been subjected to real technical discussions, comparisons with decisions of developed countries during their time at this phase of development, and how we can project. All these are imperative to our development” he said.

Mr Essiem explained that the document will be non-binding on government, as against their party manifesto, but advised, however, that government adheres to its pronouncements.

When approved by Parliament, he further noted that the document, albeit non-binding, will be employed as a tool of accountability and assessment of performance by the ruling government.

“What we will do as NDPC, is to provide a report on what the government has done in a year, and that provides the basis for parliament to judge against the plan in order to reach a conclusion”.

The NDPC boss noted that the plan has undergone rigorous technical interface, including a cost-benefit analysis, and thus contains the reality of happenings.