President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has announced that the media and National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) will receive some Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

This will form part of government’s aid to frontline workers while they discharge their duties in the wake of the increasing cases of Covid-19.

In his 9th televised address, he spelt out the list of safety material given to the all health facilities as intervention to ensure health workers stay protected.

“We are extending this gesture to other frontline workers engaged in the fight with the presentation of 5000 PPEs to members of the media,”

“Monday 11th May, 10, 000 domestically produced masks and more money will be delivered to the National Commission for Civic Education to enhance its capacity to undertake the important work it already doing,” he guaranteed.

This comes after appeals from members of the public for the government’s support of safety materials and money for the NCCE.

The group have complained about poor funding which hampers their work of educating the public on civic matters.

Currently, Ghana has recorded 4, 700 positive cases of Covid-19 with five of these patients being critically ill. However, 22 deaths have been recorded while 494 others have recovered after treatment.

The President noted that the 4,700 positive cases have been identified and put into isolation to curb the possible spread of the disease.