Jerry John Rawlings

Former Local Government Minister Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi said the founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings had wanted his brother, Ato Ahwoi to contest President Mills in the NDC flagbearer race.

According to Prof. Ahwoi, Mr. Rawlings had argued that, this move was in the best interest of the NDC.

This, he said took place in 2006, prior to the former President endorsing his Vice President ahead of the 2020 elections.

Giving details in his book, ‘Working with Rawlings’, Prof. Ahwoi said as at 2006 a lot had changed and Mr. Rawlings had other plans.

“Jerry Rawlings invited Ato to his Ridge residence and prevailed on him to contest the presidential primaries against Prof. Mills. Ato says he was astounded because Jerry knew his relationship with Prof. Mills and also knew the role that he had played in 1996 in convincing Prof. Mills to agree to become his running mate”.

Prof. Awhoi also alleges that Mr. Rawlings may have had a hand in the decision of businessman, Eddie Annan to contest the primaries.

He said when Mr. Rawlings realised that Prof. Mills would win nonetheless, he now urged Eddie Annan to withdraw his candidature and back Prof. Mills before the polls.

Prof. Ahwoi who says he had initially advised Mr. Annan against contesting alleges that the businessman saw this as a move by Mr. Rawlings to now create the impression that he had rather been working for the interest of Prof. Mills.

He quotes the businessman as saying; “He thinks he is smart. If I had agreed, he would have gone to tell Prof Mills that he was the one who had worked out that deal with me. If he genuinely wanted me to step down for Prof, why should he wait until I have spent over ¢6 billion before asking me to step down at this late hour”

“You have taught me that the enemy you know, is the one you can take steps against but the traitor you never know because he is coming from within.

“As brothers, you know our relationship with Professor Mills and yet you are asking us to act traitorously against him and betray him. I am very disappointed in you, if you have nothing else to tell us, we would take our leave.”

Prof. Ahwoi says the NDC founder requested that they do not tell Prof. Mills about what had transpired.

He said they however called Ato and went to inform Prof. Mills right after.