Managing Director of Intercity STC Coaches Limited, Nana Akomea

State enterprise, Intercity STC Coaches Limited, says it will engage with its transport unions and government to determine how salaries would be paid following the lockdown.

The lockdown which lasted 21 days negatively affected the operations of STC and a ripple effect is being felt as operations were put on hold during the period.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show Friday, Nana Akomea, said management would have to engage with staff as the lockdown has adversely affected their operations.

“For this month, salaries are due next week. We have to sit down with the unions and have an arrangement. Maybe we will pay 50%. The finance people will come up with what they can do,” he said.

“The workers have always been extremely cooperative at STC, so I am sure we can come up with something,” he stressed.

He also added that a report on how the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic affected STC Coaches has been submitted to government to help in discussing salary issues that coronavirus has brought to the company.

“It is going to be difficult but I’m sure we will come to a consensus,” he said.