While most Instagram users strive to take the most stunning photos possible to impress their friends and followers, one man has been using the popular social network to post snaps of his forehead.

Georgios Schieich, a 25-year old Greek man living in Malta, has one of the most intriguing profiles on Instagram. That’s not because he posts the most impressive photos, but because the vast majority of his pics are of his forehead or parts of it.

I’m pretty sure Georgios’ is not the only offbeat Instagram page out there, but what’re really surprising is that he’s been at it for six years and has no intention of stopping until he hits the 10 year mark, at least.

So why would anyone post photos of their forehead on Instagram so consistently for over half a decade? Well, the 25-year-old told Lovin’ Malta that it all started six years ago, while dating a girl who had this habit of always asking him where he was.

So he began sending his then-girlfriend a photo of his forehead and a background, as a game. Even though they split up a long time ago, he never got over their little game and continue taking the same style photos and posting them on Instagram.

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“It’s just foreheads, but people love it – I’ve gotten people asking me to post photos of their friends,” the Greek man added. “Once I even paid a Euro to promote one of my posts, and the number of people that were liking it was pretty crazy.”

Interestingly, Georgios Schieich is not a big fan of Instagram. Although he posts his forehead pics consistently (at least once a week), he only uses the social network for this specific purpose.

“If you look at my analytics, you’ll see that I use the application for like one minute a day,” the man said.

Some of Georgios’ 540 followers were convinced that his forehead pics had some cryptic message behind them, but the Greek national insists that it’s just a collection of random forehead pics.