President Nana Akufo-Addo says members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) must be proud of his achievements since he assumed office in 2017.

Addressing the Party’s Executives at a ceremony to acclaim him as the presidential candidate for the NPP, President Akufo-Addo said considering the terrible economy his government inherited, work done so far is laudable.

He added that although Ghana has not attained where it ought to be, consistent persistence by a competent and visionary leader will actualise the various sustainable goals for the country.

“Despite the abysmal state in which we found the economy of Ghana in 2017, we can be proud in what we have been able to achieve in the past 3 and half years.”

“We have demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt, our competence in the management of the national economy. Since without competence we cannot improve on the welfare of citizens,” he said.

Citing some of the NPP flagship programmes being implemented, the President said the Free SHS policy has made the second cycle school equally accessible by all, adding that it has relieved several households the financial burden.

“The first cohort of these young people to benefit from the policy will graduate soon. And we only have to persist for a few more years and we will see Ghana changing before our very eyes.

“We will have an educated workforce, better informed population who stand at a better chance to compete in the world.”

“We are investing in the future of Ghana and every home in the country,” he stressed.

The president also highlighted infrastructural projects have been carried out in both urban and rural areas of the country to evenly distribute the national cake to all Ghanaians.

“I happy to report that just after three and half years in office, I can say that every constituency in this country has seen the provision of some basic structure to their communities.

“We have not limited the construction of infrastructure to our cities but our towns and villages have seen development as well because we do not believe in leaving any community out of the development programme of Ghana.”