The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) has received a GH¢20 million insurance package for 500 accredited journalists who will be covering the 2020 general elections from SIC Insurance.

General Manager of Operations at SIC Insurance, Mr Faris Attrickie who presented the offer to the Association explained that the package is to support journalists who may be at the risk of danger in the line of duty.

He added that there is a high risk involved in the work of the media as the country approaches the December polls.

“There can be no democracy without the role of the journalist. Election is the centrepiece of democracy. Because they carry the truth, the risk involved is enormous in our parts of the world. We can only prepare if we cannot totally prevent.

“Anyone who wants to destroy democracy will come for the media and we have taken the first step for something to be done for journalists,” he stated.

President of the GJA, Mr Affail Monney thanked SIC for the package and stated that the Association will put in its best possible to ensure the democracy of the country is upheld.

“The media has a responsibility to ensure the country stays on the path of democratic governance. In collaboration with the US Embassy, training sessions have been organised to ensure journalists are prepared for the crucial task ahead.

“This preparation moves hand in hand with the successful coverage of the December election”.

Indicating that the package came at an opportune time, Mr Affail Monney urged all Ghanaians to be apostles of democracy to ensure the peace and stability of the country is maintained.

“A right thing at the right time to motivate journalists to maintain their efforts or work harder. I call on all apostles of democracy to throw their support to the media,” he admonished.