The National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party says John Mahama does not have the competence to govern the country amidst this Covid-19 era.

Sammi Awuku said managing the economy within this pandemic would be a situation too complex for both John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress to handle.

Speaking at a press briefing Thursday, he said, “He [John Mahama] is not a man with a commitment and boldness to confront and manage an economy under this novel coronavirus pandemic with all its implications for lives and livelihoods.

“Managing this country is too complex for the NDC and Mr. Mahama simply because they’ve been tried, tested and they failed, actually believing even today that they did well.”

According to the NPP National Youth Organiser, the former president and flagbearer of the NDC has lost touch with his track record while in office, as well as with the realities of the Ghanaian populace, thus cannot be trusted to man the affairs of the country.

“It also shows that he cannot really decide for himself and whether indeed if he did well or bad as president because he had admitted after losing 2016 that he had committed several mistakes whilst in office,” he said.

Sammi Awuku also read an excerpt from John Mahama’s autobiography, ‘My First Coup D’etat’ which was published in 2012.

In the excerpt, the former president said, “All decisions I have made in my life were regularly plagued with doubts. It can be challenging to sustain that feeling of hope or the belief that things will turn out for the best.

“Again and again, I have felt like that boy Dramani on the bicycle going downhill fast without any brakes and not knowing which way to turn.”

To this, Sammi Awuku said should Maham be voted into office again, he would ride the country on a bicycle without brakes down a hill into a ditch.

“In his mind, it appears that candidate Mahama is still on that bicycle without brakes and he’s still going downhill, not knowing which way to turn.

“But should he be allowed second time to ride Ghana, on this dangerous bicycle, this bicycle without brakes, and going downhill into the ditch,” he said.

He added that, “His political life is rife with evidence that apart from being a smooth talker with sliver tongue John Mahama is not a man we can trust to be of conviction, vision and competence.”

Mr Awuku said John Mahama is only running for office to satisfy a personal interest and not to serve the interest of the nation.