Filmmaker and Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Socrates Sarfo, has described the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) manifesto as vague.

According to him, the NDC’s manifesto is just filled with “grammar, verbs, adjectives, nouns” and doesn’t address the real needs of the arts industry.

“When I read this and look at the content, I see that it is vague, just grammar” he added.

The NDC recently launched the ‘People’s Manifesto’, outlining 17 policies they intend to confront the challenges of the Creative Arts Industry with. It included funding creative arts institutions, resolving copyright issues, passing the creative arts bill among many others.

However, sharing his opinion of ‘The People’s Manifesto’ with George Quaye on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, Socrates said:

“It was semantics, grammar, twisted, verbs, adjectives, nouns bundled together to make a statement.

But practically, if you’re really an industry person, you will doubt if it was done in consultation with industry people. Because these are people who are claiming and making noise about consulting industry players but I doubt it.

I challenged Sadiq the other day to give me date, time venue, which industry organization did they consult for this manifesto, and he couldn’t”.