The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) and a former independent presidential candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY), have backed the Electoral Commission’s call for a new voters’ register.

According to the PPP, the EC should not be denied the appropriate tools to do a credible job in December 2020, while the LPG said peace was priceless, hence the need for Ghanaians to rally behind the EC to compile a new biometric voters register.

The First Chairperson of the PPP, Mr William Doworkpor, and the Founder and the Leader of the LPG, Mr Kofi Akpaloo, spoke to the Daily Graphic in separate interviews.

In a statement, Mr Yeboah also called on all Ghanaians to support the acquisition of a biometric voter management system (BVMS) for the 2020 elections.

Jacob Osei Yeboah

In his statement, Mr Yeboah posited that no patriotic Ghanaian, with competency in the critical but significant role a biometric voters register (BVR) played in successful and peaceful elections, would doubt the call by the EC for a new BVR for the 2020 elections.

“The call is professionally justified and all Ghanaians should support the acquisition of a new BVMS,” Daily Graphic quoted from Mr Yeboah’s statement.

“We should be unassuming but conscientiously understand that the call by the EC for a new BVR is an unimpeachable confirmation that the national identification system has woefully failed due to incompetent implementation and systemic deliverable integration.

“The National Identification Authority (NIA) could have automatically provided an updated BVR so that the EC would have concentrated on compatible BVMS,” the former presidential candidate said in a statement.

Mr Yeboah further added in his statement that the EC had no choice but to opt for the new BVR which Parliament had, accordingly, served Ghanaians well by giving approval for its acquisition.

The statement indicated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and some minor political parties were apprehensive over the compilation of a new BVR not because they did not have the technical competence.