The Municipal Chief Executive for the Bawku has said the $4 million provided by government in the past four years has been fully utilised in the constituency.

Agbanwaa Gabiana Abugri who spoke at JoyNews’ Ballot Box event held among parliamentary candidates for Bawku, Zebilla and Garu constituencies stated that the provision of $1 million every year was received in kind and in cash.

“The $4 million was not received at a go. It was spread out for four years. Each year you are given $1 million per constituency and it has been fully utilised,” she stated.

She said several dams have been constructed and many boreholes have been drilled.

Constructors were contracted to undertake the projects per the supervision of the municipality, she indicated.

“We have constructed 10 good dams and they are worth it. Taking a look at all dams in the country, I can say Bawku dams are at the top of the list. We have drilled 45 boreholes.”

She stated that citizens of Bawku have benefited greatly from the dams constructed.

“People are being provided with water for their farms and animals are now provided with water for drinking.”

Citing the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 she indicated that Bawku did receive $1 million, however, she said in 2020, the constituency received the package in kind and not in cash.

“We received it in the form of an ambulance. Bawku did not receive cash. We do not always receive it in cash, however, if we had received the cash, we would have used the amount to procure ambulances,” she noted.