Applicants at the Corpus Cristi JSS registration centre at Tema Community 18 are angry over the decision of the Electoral Officer in charge not to allow them into the polling station.

Speaking to Joy News, registrants said although they have been informed only 150 people are allowed into the centre, only 103 of those who were given the chit have reported.

Therefore, they asked the officials to allow 47 individuals who are present to fill their place but their plea were not headed to.

According to them, they will not leave until the EC staff listen to them.

For this reason, the forefront of the Corpus Cristi JSS registration centre is overcrowded with irritated registrants disregarding all safety protocols especially social distancing.

“We know it is very dangerous here since we can contract coronavirus but our point is that,the social distancing won’t work if you [EC] won’t listen or engage with us,” on registrants stated.

Another added that, “Yesterday I was here from 4am to 5:30pm it never got to my turn, so I had to go home. Today, I was the very first person to be here today only to realise that some people were given numbers after 6pm yesterday, so they are those they are attending to now,” an applicant stated.

 On his part, the EC Registration Officer, Joseph Morgan said they applicants who have been asked to leave are being tenacious but the EC is doing its best to create a safe environment for citizens to register.

He indicated that the outside the centre is outside the jurisdiction of the EC adding that, “Some Ghanaians do not listen. When you tell them to do something, some do some don’t.

The New Patriotic Party representative at the polling station then revealed that police reinforcement will brought to the centre to ensure that applicants outside also adhere to the social distancing protocol.