Government taskforce on retail trade has commenced shutting down of shops without licenses at “Soja Bar” area in Circle Accra.

The team made up of police and military forces has closed about 50 shops since they moved into the trade zone.

However, the exercise angered some foreign retailers who told JoyNews they were being treated unfairly arguing that they are from ECOWAS member states.

However, speaking to JoyNews’ Piesie Nana Yaw Sarfo PRO of the Ministry of Trade & Industry said traders who claim they have the license to operate a retail shop can visit their offices.

“Ecowas does not mean that you can go into any body’s country and do what you like. We are not sacking anybody if they are law-abiding comply with the law, if you have the needed regulatory requirement come to us with proof,” Mr Prince Boakye Boateng said.

He stated that he and his team will increase the secuity on their next visit to Circle.

According to him, the traders had agreed to be complaint but they had been met with attacks instead.