The Bongo MP has debunked reports that he gave clan and family heads in his constituency locally prepared gin to use as prevention from the novel coronavirus.

Edward Bawa said it is customary to always add a bottle of locally prepared gin to the items presented to clan and family heads when one calls on them so such reports are not only “misleading, but unfair to the essence” of his anti-Covid-19 campaign.

In a statement Sunday, the NDC MP explained that “as part of our efforts to ensure that we protect our people against the Covid-19 pandemic, my team and I decided to visit clan heads and the elderly in their homes to educate them and their households on the preventive protocols as prescribed by health experts. These visits have taken us to about 600 homes and families.”

According to him, the team also presented to each household, face masks and sanitisers.

“Bongo is predominantly traditional in terms of worship. Therefore, a bottle of alcohol is usually presented to the family or clan head to pour libation and ask our ancestors to intercede on behalf of Ghanaians so that we are spared from ravages of this pandemic.

“This is very customary and as a product of my custom, I see this gesture not as an excuse to take alcohol but an attempt to tap into the benefits of the spiritual world particularly for those who believe in traditional worship,” the MP said.

Edward Bawa said for anyone to, therefore, report anything else apart from what actually happened is “unfortunate to say the least.”

“I wish to, therefore, emphasise that I would not indulge in any acts that will jeopardise the health of my people who have graciously given me the opportunity to represent them in the national assembly,” he said.