Nurses at the Wa Municipal Hospital could not help but join JoyNews correspondent, Rafiq Salam sign-off when he visited the facility.

The iconic sign-off, “reporting for JoyNews, Rafiq Salam Waaa,” has become synonymous with the reporter from the Upper West region.

His fans are always left wanting on days that he is reporting from a different location in the region other than the capital.

It was not the case this time.

The longest standing regional correspondent with JoyNews visited the Wa Municipal Hospital.

After his report, the nurses gathered around the reporter and chanted his sign-off with him.

“The midwives at the Wa Regional Hospital were observing the neonatal jaundice week and I went there to cover,” Rafiq says. “When I was doing a stand up they insisted that they will end it for me with the ‘Waaa,’ I refused [due to social distancing protocols] but they insisted,” he added.