Vudumane, a popular Ghanaian Afrobeat artiste based in Nigeria, has gone on a different tangent regarding the supposed ‘beef’ between Shatta Wale and stakeholders of the Nigerian music industry.

Vudumane is among the few Ghanaians resident in Nigeria plying their trades in the arts on the mainstream level.

The musician who has collaborations with Nigerian giants Davido and Zlatan is of the view that contrary to suggestions that Nigerians do not appreciate Ghanaian music, he has received profound support from Nigerians.

Aside from him, Shatta Wale is one other musician who is loved by Nigerians, he said.

According to him, even as it may seem that Nigerians don’t love Ghanaian music, per recent reports and events on social media, he can provide evidence of many support systems he has received from the local Nigerian music market.

Vudumane, therefore, wants to encourage his fellow Ghanaian musicians to strive to produce thought-provoking and irresistible tracks for the Nigerian market.

“Nigerians love Shatta Wale’s music very much because he is a thought-provoker as far as music is concerned. He should take it easy on them and rather advise young Ghanaian artiste to learn from him so they can equally benefit from that love”, Vudumane noted in an interview.

Vudumane is expected to be in Accra, in April for his big concert with a Ghanaian act.

Watch video of Vudumane below:

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