Executive Director and Founder of Toptech Transport & Logistics has attributed the increase in road traffic accidents to non-enforcement of traffic regulations.

He added that political interference in the work of officials of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, discourages the Police from enforcing the regulations to the letter.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Wednesday, Mr. Cecil Garbrah said, “our enforcement is so weak because of political and government interference, which we all know. Arrest somebody and the person is going to call and call and by the time you realize, the Policeman would say, hey Jack, release that guy.”

Statistics from the MTTD reveal that from January to June this year, 1,450 road fatalities have been recorded. During the same period last year, 1,140 road fatalities were recorded. This means that 310 more road accidents deaths were recorded this year.

Mr Garbrah emphasised that Ghana has the best laws and legislative instruments on traffic regulation and called for enforcement of these rules.

“For example, the law talks about the fixing of speed governors in heavy-duty vehicles to reduce their speed. Is it happening? This law was promulgated somewhere in 2004. And I’m asking my colleagues working at the DVLA, and so on, when are we implementing this to reduce the speed. The driver would not care,” he stated.

Non-enforcement of road traffic regulations, political interference cause of accidents - Cecil Garbrah

He suggested that if the law on fining drivers who flout traffic regulations, is enforced, the government will make a lot of money and road traffic accidents will reduce.

“If we ask a task force or the police, DVLA, National Road Safety, and the National Revenue Authority to arrest drivers and collect fines. Honestly, the state would make a lot of money. And naturally, road accidents would be reduced,” Mr Garbrah noted.