Ghana SHS, Tamale on Wednesday won the National Science and Maths Quiz contest at the R. S. Amegashie Auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School, Legon.

They competed with Armed Forces SHS and New Juabeng SHS who have been kicked out of the competition, with second and third positions respectively.

Ghana SHS managed to attain the top position in each round and maintained that steady performance to end the contest. Ghana SHS had 37 points, Armed Forces gained 28 points and New Juabeng got 25 points.


Round one had a dull start as contestants seemed unsure of their answers. At the end of the round, Ghana SHS led the first round with 15 points. Armed Forces stayed right behind them with 10 points and New Juaben SHS ended up with the least marks, 8 points.


The round got heated up with the speed race. You gain 3 points when you ring your bell and answer correctly as soon as the question is asked. But lose one mark when you get a question wrong.

The audience got gingered up as the contestants showed off their competitive sides. Ghana SHS maintained their spot with 24 points, and New Juaben and Armed Forces ended up with 9 and 11 points respectively.


A problem is asked to all schools to solve in this round. The solution is worth 10 points and contestants have one shot. New Juaben sadly ended up with no points at all. Armed forces made it with one point and Ghana SHS had 2 points.


The contestants answer true or false statements in this round. New Juaben switched students and made a good comeback during this round. They ended up with 22 points and still remained at the bottom. Armed Forces SHS got 28 points and Ghana SHS acquired 33 points.


The last round was tensed up as the contestants tried to get the riddles right. The winner was obvious at this point after Ghana SHS still maintained the first position. They won the competition with 37 points. Armed Forces SHS took second place with 28 points and New Juaben took third place with 25 points.

Ghana SHS, Tamale are still in the competition as they are qualified for the quarterfinals.