Telecommunications company, AirtelTigo Ghana has fulfilled its promise by rewarding ¢10,000 to Prempeh College for emerging as the Highest Scorer in the grand finale of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

NSMQ which is by far the biggest academic competition among senior high schools in Ghana is aimed at promoting the study of science and mathematics to help students develop quick thinking, probing and scientific mindset about the things around them while fostering healthy academic rivalry among senior high schools.

The initiative has an impressive following, with old students, parents and students cheering for their schools to win at each stage of the contest.

Coming on board for the second time since 2020, AirtelTigo instituted its own award category dubbed “AirtelTigo Highest Scorer Awards” to enable the company to reward more schools throughout the competition while inspiring healthy competition among participating schools.

NSMQ 2021: Prempeh College wins AirtelTigo Highest Scorer cash prize of ¢10,000

Commenting on the award, Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado Head, Brand Management said, “We at AirtelTigo applaud the management team of Primetime and the Ghana Education Service for the hard work and commitment put into the successful execution of the NSMQ over the years.

“AirtelTigo has a firm commitment to Education which forms part of our corporate social responsibility, and we are very happy to be part of the efforts to promote science and mathematics education in the country.”

Being an innovative telecommunications company, AirtelTigo continuously looks for ways to design new products and services that offer excellent network experience and make life simple for its customers.

AirtelTigo is demonstrating its innovative spirit by establishing its own award scheme to reward top-scoring schools at every stage of the NSMQ contest. 

AirtelTigo rewarded different schools that scored the highest points in each day’s competitions with approximately GHS 50,000 as follows: Preliminary stage – GHS 1,000, One-eighth stage – GHS 2,000, Quarter-final stage – GHS 3,000, Semi-final stage – GHS 5000 and  Grand Finale – GHs10,000

The Primetime Limited Team expressed their appreciation to AirtelTigo for their partnership.

Receiving their rewards, the students from Prempeh College were happy and thanked AirtelTigo for such an awesome reward.

AirtelTigo remains hopeful that such an initiative will go a long way to unearth young minds, create a brighter future, and be a good step towards national development.

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