Mr. Sayimah Kombian, Principal of the Tamale Nurses’ Training College, said it was necessary for nurses to obtain the right training to enable them to carry out their duties efficiently after their courses.

He called for the equipping of nurse’s training colleges, particularly those in the Northern part of the country to facilitate practical and demonstration work of trainees.

Mr. Kombian who was speaking in an interview with GNA in Tamale on Tuesday, said the Tamale Nurses’ Training College, had introduced a development levy to be paid by students to help address problems facing the institution to enable them to acquire the right training.

He explained that government budgetary allocation to the college was inadequate and the Management Committee of the college decided on a GH¢ 200 development levy to improve facilities on campus.

Mr. Kombian said the training of nurses was in three key areas; cognitive content, psychomotor skills and application of the two in a suitable nursing setting but students had to travel out of the college for practical work, which involved a lot of money.

He said the Tamale Teaching Hospital was no more conducive for the students to undertake their clinical training due to its deteriorating state adding that the college’s demonstration room needed to be equipped.

Mr. Kombian said the college was using part of the development levy for the payment of fuel for its buses that conveyed students for outreach programmes, water tanker service and gas for cooking.

He said the authorities had to ensure that the college was adequately equipped to meet accreditation criteria for the award of diplomas instead of the students continuing at the University of Ghana, Legon, for the award.

Mr Kombian said the college needed a computer laboratory, demonstration room and a well-stocked library to meet the accreditation requirement, adding “all these need funding to enable us to achieve our goal.”

He appealed to collaborate with the college to improve standards at the institution.

Source: GNA


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