OccupyGhana has expressed its disappointment at the incidents and rise of electoral violence in the country.

It bemoaned how such actions consequently led to the loss of lives and destruction of properties following the December 7 election.

It has therefore strongly condemned these acts of violence, and have demanded that these incidents be investigated and the perpetrators made to face the full rigors of the law.

In a press statement Friday, the pressure group bemoaned that similar acts of electoral or other politically motivated acts of violence have gone unchecked thus creating a culture of impunity, “where people have believed that they can get away with it.”

“These do not speak well of a peace-loving country like ours, which is building an enviable credential in electoral processes in Africa.

“In our still fragile democracy, we must with one accord stand against anyone who calls for or engages in violence,” the statement read.

The statement follows pockets of violence that have ensued after the December 7 election.

About 5 people have lost their lives in clashes between supporters of the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, as well as in clashes with state security agencies.

According to Occupy Ghana, it is even more regrettable when the violence is perpetrated by security agencies who have been tasked to ensure the safety of electorate.

“We urge the security forces to exercise the highest levels of restraint when dealing with the public. Brutality and unjustified use of deadly force against those whom they swore to protect is unacceptable and criminal.”

The socio-political non-partisan pressure group advised the youth and party supporters to desist from heeding to inflammatory utterances by some politicians to unleash violence and terror in the country.

It said, “We have also seen across the world the devastation caused when violence is unleashed through provocative thoughtless and irresponsible statements made by politicians to their fan base.

“However, when violence results, those politicians and their families are nowhere to be found. That is why we must refuse instructions from political leaderships to engage in any social unrest or violence while their children sit comfortably at home with security. We cannot allow these to fester in Ghana.”

It has therefore called on all stakeholders in Ghana’s electoral process and security agencies to engage with political parties involved, to forestall any new violent incidents or fatalities.

“We have been and remain a peaceful people. We do not condone violence and we must oppose all who for personal ambition, seek to drag this country into the abyss.”

It further called on all political leaders to restrain their faithful from unleashing anymore violence in the country and vehemently condemn violence while speaking peace to the people of Ghana.

“There is no conceivable electoral dispute or disagreement that cannot be resolved in the cold calmness of the courtrooms of this land,” the statement read.

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