President Akufo-Addo has charged the newly constituted Council of State, to be honest in all its engagements on matters concerning the country.

He is convinced that the nation’s democratic credentials will be deepened if the newly established Council goes about its duties of advising the President and other state institutions from an impartial and unbiased point of view.

Inducting the 31-member-Council into office, the President noted that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, corruption, illegal mining and other social vices remain matters requiring urgent attention that need to be dealt with.

As such, President Akufo-Addo indicated that he is counting on the Council to be proactive partners in finding sustainable solutions that will improve the lives of Ghanaians and safeguard the integrity of the country.

“Article 91 clause 3 gives the Council what appears to be unfettered remit to advice other bodies like Parliament or any other public authority. In my view, this is not meant to be a busy-body charter but on matters of significant national importance, the Council can let its views be known.

“Between the Council and the Presidency, we have a lot of work to do to get all the appointments in place, to get the government machinery to work. I hope we shall not insist on standing on ceremony but get to work rapidly and efficiently to enable government function satisfactorily,” he said.

The President then added, “I look forward very much to working with a Council that will continue to offer me honest advice based on unvarnished truth. I look forward to working with a Council that will help deepen our democracy and help enhance the quality of our governance.”

Furthermore, the President commended the former Council of State, noting that its members performed exceptionally to help the country see significant growth.

“After 28 years of the 4th Republic, I think it is fair to say that one of the most successful Councils of State we have had, has been the one that worked with me in my first term of office. We saw an intellectually vibrant Council and an active one that took its responsibilities seriously.

“We had a Council that kept its members well informed and kept government officials on their toes. And so I am hopeful that all of you on the new Council will live up to expectation and perform effectively this all-important function.”

On his part, the Outgone Chairman of the Council, Nana Otuo Serebour II pledged the support of the Council to help government work to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians.

He applauded the President for maintaining most of his appointees from the 7th Council of State. This, he said, will promote the continuity of the Council.