A high number of residents in the Oforikrom Municipality in the Ashanti region have failed to receive the second jab of the Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Over 162 percent of those who took the first dose of the vaccine have not turned up for the second jab. This is a worry to the municipal health directorate as the area has a high number of COVID-19 cases.

Out of a total of 34,512 residents in the Oforikrom municipality who took the first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine, 13,165 turned up for the second dose.

According to the district health directorate, the populace failed to take the second jab due to misconception about COVID-19 vaccination.

Oforikrom residents fail to take second Covid-19 jab
Oforikrom District Health Director, Dr. Kingsley Osei Kwakye

Speaking at a stakeholder’s engagement meeting, the district health director, Dr. Kingsley Osei Kwakye debunked myths about the COVID vaccines.

“The number of people coming for the vaccination is very low due to the false information on the vaccine. The vaccines are to protect us against the virus and nzot to harm us,” he said.

The program was organised to engage stakeholders on sustaining the COVID-19 third wave fight in the Oforikrom municipality.

The district health directorate is urging the public to take the COVID jab to stay safe of the virus.

“We should all join in the vaccination campaign. The key thing is that when you take the vaccination, you still need to adhere to protocols,” he emphasised. 

Stakeholders want the government to intensify education to overcome COVID 19 vaccine hesitancy.

” It’s about time the professionals within the field come out to educate and refute the myth so that people can go for the jab” Kenneth Bediako, one of the members noted. 

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