In an expansion drive to serve customers better, SME Bank, OmniBank is commissioning its ultra-modern Tarkwa branch.

Coming in as its latest branch in the region after the Takoradi branch, the launch of Tarkwa brings the bank’s branch network to 24 branches and the first branch to be commissioned for the year.

Known for its focus on SME Banking, the opening of the branch in the town known for its mining status will ultimately provide solutions in terms of funding and capacity building for the various businesses. On the other hand, individuals working in the town will have the opportunity to benefit from our various tailored products and services to meet their needs.

Aside the provision of banking services, OmniBank’s niche for excellent customer service will also be exhibited through our delighted and ever willing attitude to serve customers. Anyone who enters the banking hall will not only experience banking services but services with an extra touch of superior quality.

Speaking at the branch launch, Dominic Donkoh, Head of Business and Retail Banking, said ‘’the opening of this branch is another step to bring the bank closer to our clients and provide them with our unique products and exceptional services”.

With the provision of branch banking services, customers will also have the opportunity to perform basic transaction banking through withdrawals through our 24 hour ATM to serve you.

As an entrant into the banking industry, we have introduced the Free Bank Account For All and Freedom Mobile Banking for businesses and individuals. Free Bank Account For All, offers you the opportunity to open an account for free while enjoying no COT and maintenance fees.  Freedom Mobile Banking also gives you the opportunity to perform basic banking and mobile money transactions from your mobile phone.

With the commissioning of the branch, OmniBank’s products and services will be fully available for everyone.


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