New entrant into the banking industry, OmniBank Ghana has organized an Executive Breakfast Meeting in Accra to outline plans of the company for business owners.

The bank which is the 32nd bank to be licensed by the central bank launched last month after opening its East Legon branch.

Head of Corporate and Group Banking, Ohenewaa Sakyi-Bekoe, stated that the aim of the meeting was to build a lasting relationship with chief executives of businesses in the country.

According to her, the bank has created special accounts for chief executive officers to help them transact businesses with ease.

“The executive club account is an account that we have designed for executive of institutions, so maybe managing directors, their finance directors, and the management team within every organization,” she said.

“What we have realized is that sometimes they are so busy that they are not able to do their banking transactions. So what we are saying is that when you are a member of this club you get to do all your banking transactions for free. You get free cheque book on the account. You also get to be a member of a club like we are forming,” she added.

Madam Sakyi-Bekoe explained that “the whole purpose is to bring our executives together to network, to share idea to bond and also to be able to distress. So that is the main purpose f the executive account”.



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