Who cares? While heading home yesterday from Accra, I was greeted by an awful sight. Right before the UPSA traffic light intersection, a woman held an umbrella over her four children. The space under the umbrella was the family’s shelter.  

While the children slept, their mother nodded off, yet still holding the umbrella!

I see this woman in the same spot every time I drive past this point at least for the last six months. Sometimes when I go past, I see the children playing in the drains around.

Am I the only one who has seen her? Don’t people of influence and in positions to help drive by this woman and her children?

Or are we all turning a blind eye and conveniently looking away? This is 21st Century Ghana. Less than 30 minutes’ drive away are the plush residential, corporate and commercial buildings of all sorts.

And a mother of four children endures this utterly humiliating and degrading livelihood daily? So what does this say about us as a people? Shame on all of us! Especially if you live in Adenta, Aburi, etc. You simply cannot say you’ve never seen this woman and her poor children. Come on Ghanaians! Do something. Now! I have done my small part to initiate that effort by shouting out! You don’t need to be in high office or in politics to help this woman. Where do you work? Can your organisation help via some CSR effort?

Do you work in an institution that’s responsible for matters of this nature in this country? If you do, perhaps you can speak with the relevant people in that organisation to ensure that appropriate action is taken to help this woman.

What do you have? Can you spare something in cash or kind for this poor woman? Education for the children? Otherwise, what sort of problems are we watching brew?

Just stop looking away and do something!! Now. Today. This minute!!! Remember this – No one wins till we all do well!!

This is a post by an Accra resident, Doreen Thompson, who spotted a mother and her four children resting under a traffic light at the UPSA intersection near Legon. Doreen decided to write about this family to draw attention to their plight.