Game-changing entertainment company, Roverman Productions, is back with its third play this year, ‘Not My Husband’.

It is said that one person’s trash is another man’s treasure. One person’s poison is another’s meat.

So, when you question and reject your man’s love, can you complain when another lady finds him as the answer to her prayers?

For Alice, Obed’s love was never enough. For Jackie, that love is all she’d been praying for. How can Alice reclaim the love she’d rejected, especially, now that her very life depends on it?

Uncle Ebo Whyte explores indecisiveness and many other themes in ‘Not My Husband’.

Don’t miss this exciting and intriguing play that would not only get you laughing, crying or focused but also leave you with some messages guaranteed to make a great impact on your life.

‘Not My Husband’ will show for two weeks on October 5, 6, 12 and 13.

Ebo Whyte released his first play for the year, ‘Dora Why’, which did not only keep listeners entertained throughout the play but had massive attendance.

Dora Why
Characters in ‘Dora Why’ play.

The Roverman family followed with ‘I Want Your Wife’, where Ebo Whyte explored the consequences of false prophets and prophecies in churches.

The national theatre was bursting with patrons on the last day of showing as many wanted to know exactly what would happen in such an intense play that handles a delicate subject, Religion.

‘Not My Husband’ is following keenly, the footsteps of its predecessors. Early bird tickets are already sold out. If you missed the first two, you may not want to miss this one. But one can get the ticket for the play at the following venues.

Joy FM, Baatsonaa Total, Haatso Total, Motorway Supermarket, Airport Shell, Dansoman Shell, Sakaman Shell, East Legon Shell, Achimota Shell, Tema Comm 11 Shell, Frankies Osu, Mile 7 Goil, Quick and Fine Supermarket and Say Cheers – Accra Mall.

You can also buy tickets via text on *714*15# or *876*876#