Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper says the war pressure group OccupyGhana has waged against corruption in Ghana is one that should be supported by all Ghanaians.

According to Kweku Baako, the group’s fight, if won, will be beneficial to all Ghanaians and not the group or the individual members that it is made up of.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show, the veteran journalist said “I don’t see why any Ghanaian patriot will have any problem with OccupyGhana” over their decision to retrieve monies that have been misappropriated. The initiative is a fantastic one”.

The pressure group is waging a relentless campaign to protect public monies and to retrieve same from persons and companies who have obtained such monies unlawfully.

From their famous Occupy Flagstaff House demonstration to various press conferences, the group hopes to put government on its toes in order to bring these unlawful practices to a stop.

Not many people are in favour of this – especially some members of the governing National Democratic Congress – and have accused them of hiding behind the New Patriotic Party to make the government unpopular.

OccupyGhana this week wrote a letter to the Minister of Youth and Sports giving him  a 14-day ultimatum to release the full report on investigations into alleged financial malfeasance at the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) and the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) or risk being sued.

Mr Baako says that those who are against the group and portraying them as agents of the opposition New Patriotic Party are an unnecessary distraction– a situation which should not be allowed to happen.

“I don’t understand the anti-government angle. It is those who have a narrow political horizon who think it is against their government or to make it unpopular”.

Mr Baako believes that the fight is in the best interest of the government, not a political party or an individual.

Unlike other anti-corruption campaign groups, he believes that OccupyGhana is “stretching the outlook and broadening the base to see if the systems work and if they fail, those who are to ensure that the systems work are targeted through a legal regime to cure that mischief.

“Let’s look at the principle, not the parties or administrations that are involved”.

He said it was unfortunate for anyone to think that the movement is against government.

The steps they are taking should be the focus and pressure must be mounted on people who are supposed to provide information for the group to advance its activities, he said.

“It is in our interest, it doesn’t matter which party is in government. We must create a critical mass of Ghanaians who will believe in that kind of advocacy. The government might change if the culture is strong then it means a legitimate target is created.

“That is the principle we should not negotiate in any circumstances. In any case if we retrieve those monies, they will not be given to OccupyGhana”.

Kweku Baako says this kind of movement is “what the country needs; a complete structural transformation, not only spiritual healing.

“Our attitudes must change. OccupyGhana has taken a focused approach so let’s strip this off any partisan colour and address the issues raised on its merit and pursue it”, he added.


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