Poetry Delight: ‘On the Marriage Bed’ by Muriel Laryea

Poetry Delight: ‘On the Marriage Bed’ by Muriel Laryea
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 05-07-2016 Time: 01:07:53:pm

Regular contributor to Poetry Delight, Mureal Laryea, has come through with a beautiful poem that highlights the sacredness of Holy Matrimony. Enjoy.


Peeping through the holes of nosy wives

My curiosity settled behind my arm chair ready to write

I coughed and puffed then spread my ear wings heading straight to the skies

A pleasant sight from afar with lilies and kites fluffily bright

Many have hopped and tossed and cuddled and coiled across all edges

But what is seen behind closed doors is never revealed to aging eyes

One man one woman, one matrimony one bed

I will marry you, dressed in smiles, polished from soles and smeared with hopes of a happy ever after, that I could recall

A beautiful exposé scribbled behind unforgettable mind sitting in my feathered cap

Sniffing the aroma of a pending disastrous recipe ajar

A slow penetration of life’s thrusting matters

Facing daily traffics, breast feeding husbands and, never ending check ups

Looking on my bed, my marriage bed

It’s untouchable, too hot and too cold, couldn’t tell

From my father’s house I am tamed to bottle every battle and hide every stain

I called this life; Polluted by my own scent

Right from my mother’s final words to my counselors warning signs

And no matter how hard I tried, I met the man I did not marry

Flattening my sheets, I encountered the worse; crumbs of untold grudges, spills of promiscuous nights leaving dumbfounded confessions defiled

Stuck to my toes, my jaws could not hold

Who is the real enemy? My bed revealed

From infancy, I have learned to grow with you, your dreams and fears, insight and follies

I believe it’s now time to learn from me

A place of comfort is not found lying idle

Amidst the slanderous commotion slightly untouched; it is the hand that walks you forward that calms the waters

The story is never equal even if we share the same white, blue or pink sheets

A lifestyle of wealth and power has left you blind in one eye

Stripping off your finery, gold and glory will desert you like the rest

And piece by piece, you will break still you tell the same story of a marriage bed

Without your arms and legs, your tears will only tell on the taste of a joyful union

I am the only bed, like none;

 I worship beauty;I applaud strength, pardon forgetfulness, deliver relief, embrace friendships, respect privacy, drive passion and breed new life

A mutual ground to level differences and serve harmony

On our marriage bed is where all begins!




Muriel shares her motivation: "Marriage is a sacred vow not before men but the Creator. And your marriage bed is a witness to the truth  you will account someday. Marriage still works!"

Muriel Laryea (Kingmimi), is a Banker by profession, self-motivated and enthusiasitic about spoken word and numbers -- simply a poem addict, both reading and writing.



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