"The Champion of our society"

"The Champion of our society"
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Date: 10-06-2016 Time: 05:06:43:pm

Values were a great treasure in the days when our fathers were growing up. I remember my dad often tells me how disciplined they were towards the elderly, strict adherence to set rules and regulations both at home and in the society, discipline to time et al characterised their generation.

From whichever angle and perspective you look at those breed of generation, as less civilised or otherwise, their esteemed values are key and relevant to the sustainability of a group's identity and belief.

Who the United States of America, Japan, Norway and even Ghana are stemming from the values we have cultivated and jealously guard against one generation to another. 

So much have changed; the economic life of people, social life's, and our educational life.

Our values should have still remained unchanged because they were the blocks that laid the solid foundation of areas of our being as people. They were the very elements that defined and set us apart as a people we are proud to be and known. Kwame Nkrumah will forever be remembered as a true son of Africa and a Pan-African activist.

So will Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr be seen as great Africa leaders who ever lived, because of which values they lived with and believe in.

Our elders say "one who is not familiar with the custom of his root will be lost at the durbar grounds". 

And I must say that we are gradually getting lost as a people. Since the very thing that defined us as a nation is ripping us off greatly. The very things we held as the core moral fibres are far being compromised.

Our institutions that gave meaning to us as a people have weaned down and compromised the integrity that was associated with it. We have been deviled with nomad issues at Asante Akyem Agogo and other parts of our country over a period of time now, yet the country seems to be unresolved with this very issues. Is it because we lack the expertise to handle such case.

No! It's a clear case of "lost of value to protecting life's" as against corrupt and "careless" attitude of leaders. The morality, honour and dignity that was accorded and associated to leaders have fast washed down and the wisdom of grey hair has dissipated.

Consciously or unconsciously we have subscribed and okayed corruption, selfishness in leadership, to whom you know, tribalism, the leader been corrupt is protected - thwarting the credo of "leadership by example". The leader does not lead with set values anymore. The worst of it is that he's ultimately protected by law once his party is in office and it becomes witch hunting and victimisation when another party is in power.

These traits have become the "champions" of our society and we are gladly kowtowing to them. We are far drifting off from the very core of societal values that gave meaning and pride to every individual as belonging to a larger group of people who have his interest at heart. Who will bring us back to our choice values; the values of accountability, selflessness, discipline and quest to serve humanity and our beloved country.

Long live Ghana
Long live to our choice values that have stood the test of time.

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