Y2K - Mohisha pulls down Silver Star?

Y2K - Mohisha pulls down Silver Star?
Source: By Mawuli Zogbenu | mzogbenu@ahoo.com | uselesscolumn.wordpress.com
Date: 27-04-2018 Time: 02:04:13:pm

‘S3b3 ooo s3b3… yaa nw3 yaa nw3… I am going to come I am going to come, Sweetie speak English’. Hahaaaaaaaa. Heard Bright of Buk Bak fame will be live in town to give us their hits of the 2000’s. He is the only guy who can swim in swimming pool only after becoming vice-president!

Y2K times be serious o, rof! That was the year I met the first girl in my life. Aboagyewaa was her name. She had just completed secretarial school and was an intern in a Comm centre. I wanted a girl I could walk over. Aboagyewaa could barely speak English but believed that by January 1, 2000, she could speak like the Queen. Standing in front of famous ‘Always Around’, I would send one small boy to get the Chic for me. There were fewer mobile phones then used by only the privileged few. This girl nearly killed me with her Y2K blofo because they said on the dot of 12 midnight on December 31, 1999, a stone was going to drop from the skies all in the name of us entering another century. People positioned themselves in OPEN SPACE in order to see the stone descending or to die with it so they can go to heaven straight!

This my girl just walked straight to me and asked ‘Ei so Bra Mawuli, did you saw the stone in the air?’. Me? Saw? I bowed down my head because the likes of Christopher Opoku of blessed memory were around to tease me with my Chic’s 20th century brofo. Chris was a Computer Science student and had so much information regarding this Y2K something! Strangely my eyi was also called Aboagyewaa and for Contis, the implications to be called Aboagyewaa spoke volumes. From Kat to Conti meant putting my legs on to a live wire particularly for being arch rivals. Do you remember Madam High Heels back in the early 90s in boarding houses? Aboagyewaa was the Y2K version of Madam High Heels! ‘Ko…ko…ko…ko…’ were the sounds of her invisible high heel shoes steps. In the case of Aboagyewaa, one could only hear huhudious screams from a silhouette-like figure, in a flash with the sounds of a girl writhing in pain in the dark! Did the Continentals feel haunted?

Well, maybe the Conti boys could not sleep because of the Aboagyewaa horror! Would the stone crash this horror on the eve of January 1, 2000? The common language was that ‘computers will jam’ but not even the best ICT person could position himself well enough for the jamming of computers but one thing was for sure - people cleared their bank accounts to enjoy their last before the uncertain happened. They chopped all their money on December 27 just as could be the case on April 27! Silver Star go jam, rof, I suwear!

Did I hear MUSIGA Prez Obuor whose laptop jammed at Vandal City on the eve of Y2K night will appear on stage to sing his 2004 hit ‘Konkontibaa’? In case you didn’t know, this is the song that got me a wife!

Y2K is aka "year 2000" was a scary one when 1999 was coming to an end. Many feared that computer programs storing year values as two-digit figures (such as 99) would cause problems. Did they? Well, come to the Silver Star Towers tonight and see the evidence of 2000-2010 music.

The Y2K party is the perfect event for hardworking Ghanaians to reward themselves and it has to be in the right atmosphere.

Music released from 2000 to 2010 all captured in the Y2K Millenium bug from R&B through hiplife to back to Hip-Hop.

During this period, more international rappers appeared in the charts than ever before talking of the likes of Kanye, Nelly, T.I., and OutKast.

Locally, artistes like Obrafour, Tinny, Kwaw Kese, 4x4, Castro, Mad Fish, VIP, Mzbel, Tic Tac released chart-topping hits.

Those were the days a village man like me went to Boomerang to go and dance to Castro’s Takoradi vibes with a Legon Lady friend who later dumped me for fear of Y2K. I blamed it on Y something something K that hit me earlier. Hahaaa!

Fashion-wise, I used to wear some blue shirt bi with white collar and wrists popularly called ‘K4’ to work making me look like a clown. Popular brands like Sean John, and Rocawear were in vogue.

We needed to play one last football match before entering 2000 or else our left feet could come to the position of the right feet courtesy Y2K, we feared. We were scared of many things. It was 7th floor vs 8th floor of my hall.

Being a member of the 7th floor and the laziest in my squad, I opted to be the goal keeper after declining the position of a defender number 5! Ashitey was my opponent on the 8th floor. Herh!   Asiseh was a hired referee from another hall and everyone knew he was my friend. Amoah played for nearly 20 minutes without a foot touching the ball as he was wearing trousers and long sleeve shirt and a church pair of shoes to play. How possible! Finally when his right foot grabbed the ball, he took his time with no clue as to what to do with it. Bashiru attempted dispossessing him. Amoah kicked the ball so hard straight to hit Bashiru’s groin, the part where his hernia was developing! Referee George Asiseh overlooked the foul as Bashiru was reeling on the ground on his belly. He was preparing himself for Y2K. the few days left for the Y2K as the 7th floor team lost by 4 goals.

I will never forget that massive shot that came from Johanes Ashitey which I dodged bcos I would have died if I had attempted saving that ball. Eish! Of course in such ‘useless’ matches, the linesmen were never serious. They were either nowhere to be found or came back asking the spectators ‘who scored?’ We had to finish this match before late as the stone was coming. Indeed, the night that followed was the most exciting of all. We had a big Y2K party by the swimming pool. We loved watching the ladies swim in their Y2K swim wear. Oh it was nice paaa!

Lexis Bill, I know you will do what you know how to do best – blast the airwaves! DJ Black, tonight, we will call your name 12 times!

Indeed ‘Y2K came’ thus giving birth to the music scene big boys like the Mzbels, Saminis, Korkorvelis, Castros, etc whose works of art we are celebrating today.

If you don’t come, one thing is for sure, your computers may….jam!

We can’t just come and go back just like that; we have to dance and paraaayyy. We for show say we dey or else who in this new generation would know about Y2K and its attendant joyous moments. Come let us parrayyyy!

Y3n t3m na yenpiey, Batman (now Samini) and Korkorveli, Castro, et al. No traffic today as the microphones are all y2k compliant and ready to be damaged at only GHC50! Sharp!

Greetings o Sister Mohisha! Sister Mzbel will come and sing oo… after all, ‘she is sixteen years… hahaaaaa

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