A Hairdresser’s Hurt

A Hairdresser’s Hurt
Source: jonathanmensah3.wordpress.com
Date: 04-12-2018 Time: 04:12:46:pm

I wrote a letter on behalf of your regular hairdresser that you plan to cheat on this Christmas.

Dear Customer, the moment you walked into my shop i felt my apron flutter in excitement. That feeling was however nothing compared to the moment my fingers touched your scalp. I must say, i fell in love with your hair. I promised myself that i would remain faithful and give my best to you anytime you called on me.

I remember listening to you talk about how your ex hairdresser treated you and your hair. You told me of how she ignored you when she had had enough of your scalp. You said she called your hair dirty and dandruff prone and complained of how much water she had to use for your hair alone. She ignored you one time because a rich customer came to have her hair done.


Remember how she tossed you to one of her apprentices? You cried when you told me that story and i wiped your tears away. With new towels i massaged your scalp like a queen. I listened and promised to hold you close to my apron.


Even when you did not have money to pay me, i still stuck with you. You paid half the price for several months because you were broke but i still stuck by you. You were like a hair roller and i was the pin- that was how i held you down. We completed each other's sentences- when i said 'setting', you said 'lotion'. When i said 'slow', you said 'motion'. When i said 'morning', you said 'devotion'. In fact, i'm so hurt i think i should write a few poetry lines..........


Your loyalty was a sham, and on my trust you did poo- shampoo
It wasn't just the hair, we were supposed to stick like glue- hair glue
You dawged me dear, at the slightest chance you took me for a fool, thank you!
Roses are red, violets are blue
But you broke my heart, you destroyed it true true

So what happened really? Your female friends told you about that new hairdresser in that new plush salon? Where were your friends when you had nothing? Where were your friends when i used my shampoo and setting lotion on you for free?


Where were your friends when i sat up the whole day to do twist braids for you? I did it alone! Took me two whole days! We gossiped together. I even gave you relationship advice a couple of times.


Remember that make up i did for you? You went around telling your friends that i was using you for practice. I heard that but i just swept it under the carpet cos i felt we all made mistakes.

Right now, see how you have handed me over to my enemies to be ridiculed. When you bought 'Amina and Outre hair extentions', you brought it to me to fix but when you bought the Peruvian hair, you sent it to your new hairdresser.

When you bought the cheap Darling Hair mesh, you brought it to me. When you bought the Brazilian hair, you took it elsewhere.

And you didn't choose any other time to cheat on me than this Christmas season? How wicked can you be? I wish you and your new hairdresser the best buh remember, all you see in her new salon would become just like mine one day.

Yours faithfully,
The Hairdresser you cheated on.