Saints and demons

Saints and demons
Source: Joseph Aketema | University of Ghana | | (0207389924) | MA Theatre Arts (Media Arts Option)
Date: 13-02-2018 Time: 12:02:37:am

What excites the madman, only the madman knows. It was with sacerdotal reverence that young Atanga entered the shrine of Kamulmul. Kamulmul, as many speculated, provides ten of what is asked and takes from the client a twenty-fold.

The pathway to the shrine of Kamumul has been made compact with the heavy footsteps of politicians, students, young talents, preacher men and other egoistic and gluttonous souls.

Atanga a young man of twenty-five years had faced so much trouble and difficulties in life. Poverty was his best ally. Day in day out, at the washing bay, boys younger than him drive Ferraris to him to wash. It was often a nightmare for him anytime they come. He could not fathom the sharp contrast in his life and theirs. 

Atanga mustered courage and asked them the secret of their success. One of the young boys named Randy informed him that to live without power, prestige and wealth was a choice. Awed by this statement, Atanga requested of him the pathway to unearthing the secrets to his own prestige and wealth.

The agents had congregated at the dead of night. In a long hallway in an apartment of the city, the clients of Kamulmul waited for the odd hour to come. Atanga and other prospective clients were asked to wait in an adjoining room. Later, the adherents of Kamulmul were heard chanting. For almost an hour, the eerie sound of their hoarse voices had engulfed the isolated room. Soonest, a messenger was sent to usher in the new clients who by choice and self-conviction, have decided to twirl the almighty hand of God.

As Atanga entered, he was asked on whose endorsement he had come. Randy, he answered. With smiles beaming his face, and with a contemptible look, Randy smirked at the grandmaster. True commitment to Kamulmul apart from the human sacrifices, is also dependent on one’s ability to populate the followers. For the pact to be made, Atanga had to make the needed sacrifice. This was not clearly explained to him prior to his coming. It was too late to remind the crocodile of its rough back because he had waded to mid-stream. So the life of his poor mother was taken.

He felt a sharp pain in his heart. He was forbidden to shed tears at the shrine of Kamulmul. Shedding tears will invalidate the sacrifice. So deep in his tonsils and heart, he tried to suppress the fond memories of her mother. Her mother Anaana had on countless occasions warned him to wait patiently on the Lord. 

Atanga recalled her saying, "some will have their own come in the morning, and others in the afternoon and more will have theirs’s come in the evening. So if yours does not come in morning you have to wait". Atanga had often rebuked his mother with a sacrilegious statement: "God is too slow in answering".  After the Sacrifice, Atanga was declared a worthy client for his manly stance. Those who chickened out were struck with madness.

Looking through the room, Atanga was struck dumbfounded. Present at the sacred gathering of Kamulmul were prominent men of ‘God’, politicians and other youths who came seeking fame. One of the preacher men whose healing and prophetic prowess was admired by many had requested of Kamulmul to set loose a stampede at a football stadium. He was ready to pay the price for the stampede to happen. This is because, in his land, true prophets are not those who speak against the ills of society but those who can predict doom and ensure that they happen.

The grandmaster granted him the wish. He should prophesize the stampede for it would happen on the day he wills it.  Then came a fat bellied politician. Having made his sacrifice, he informed the grandmaster that a special court has been set to investigate national looters. He was scared because he had looted thirty-million Ghana Cedis. If his name pops up, it will not only damage his political ambition but also impugned his Christian persona. For his demand to come true, he was asked to copulate with the corpse of a pregnant woman.

The next group of people came with complaints. A grey-haired man in his fifty’s complained that the young man who was destined by Kamulmul to die mysteriously was still alive. The young man who had just been employed will not allow him and others enjoy some cheap money made in the office. In fact, the young man has threatened to expose their rot should they not change. He indicated that because of the presence of the young man, he is unable to complete his tenth mansion in time.He pleaded that he was ready to hasten the exit of this young man to the afterworld even if it requires that he doubles the initial sacrifice.

As this was going on, Atanga became more and more conscious of what he had gotten himself into. He had become a slave to something grave than poverty. When he was finally told that for every three months he would be required to offer the blood of a neonate, he nearly collapsed. He realized that he had already lost it all; his mother, his freedom and his soul.

That night Atanga could hardly sleep. Sleep deserted his eyes. Why did he ever envy the successes of others? Yes, he was hard working. If only he was a little patient he may have received his blessings at God’s time. Maybe in the evening of his life.

 Atanga started to ‘enjoy’ life. The sacrifices he never forget.  Many a time, true messengers of God tried to talk to him but he would not listen.  One fateful evening, at the dead of night, a young police officer accosted Atanga at a checkpoint. Having searched his car, human parts were seen. Atanga offered the young officer what he could offer but the policeman refused to dishonour his uniform. 

The officer was one of the few good men; the saints of our time. When he received a call from an MP and his unit commander, he refused to kowtow to their pleas. 

The journalist soon heard the news. It was over for Atanga. Nobody makes a public ridicule of Kamulmul and lives. So at counter-back, the grandmaster of Kamulmul shrine together with the angel of death paid him homage.


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