The Sege and Aveyime conspiracy

The Sege and Aveyime conspiracy
Source: Ghana| Joseph Aketema
Date: 06-07-2018 Time: 08:07:42:am
Joseph Aketema

The Sege and Aveyime conspiracy was against evil. The evil of losing our youth to drugs and substance abuse. As has been reported in the media, there is the need to fight the evil canker of drugs in our societies.  From the recent feat in Doba in the Upper East region by Inspire Achievers, there was the need to carry the crusade to other parts of the country. In the thinking of this, the universe or should I say, God heard of our cries. The forces of nature conspired to make things happened. Sege and Aveyime, two peaceful and prospering towns, requested of Eric Ellington Agyedenah the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Inspire Achievers to collaborate with them to bar and kick goodbye to all forms of anti-social behaviours within their communities. It is recommendable the seriousness with which all especially the youth and opinion leaders who called for the program came out to support it. It must me said without any vacillation that our communities are fast changing in the ways things are done.

One will certainly suffer some consequences or would be left behind if new ways of doing things are not created to meet the current socio-cultural demands. Our elders say when the drummers change their beat, the dancers must change their dance. As it exist now, the story telling time have been uprooted from our homes and communities as other foreign forms of entertainment and their negative effects have taken over. Children and the youth are mostly the victims of western technological invention and suffer various consequences. In some obscure corners are gaming centers and gambling machines.  As they have become internet addicts, the traditional libraries are usually empty. They explore the despicable on any electronic material they can lay their hands on. These are but some of the challenges that need attention.

Sege and Aveyime are not utopian communities neither are they at the heart of anti-social behaviors. Notwithstanding, even as the threat of drug and alcohol abuse is eating up the hearts of some communities, they have decided to use interventional approaches rather than wait to be enmeshed and besieged in the cankers before they act. With sports as the tool for fostering unity, creating tolerance and as an avenue for preaching home the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, Inspire Achievers continues to champion the fight.

The Sege and Aveyime Inter-community games and moral talk themed, "Kick out Alcohol and Substance Abuse" had a large crowd congregating with various teams of football, basketball, volley ball and other indoor games all aiming at lifting a covetous trophy that was at stake. It was educative when the resource person invited as part of the program explicated to the youth and all the people gahered the dangers associated with drug and substance abuse. Mr. Harold Nettey recovering drug addict and Executive Director of the NGO, Drug Advocacy Foundation, engaged the youth groups on the dangers associated with drugs such as the tramadol, wee, alcohol among others.

Joseph AA

Mr. Harold using himself as an example, explained that the consequences of drug and substance abuse some of which are; Impaired judgment, poor academic performance, rejection, imprisonment, poverty, anti-social behaviour, impulsiveness, loss of self-control, paranoia, aggressiveness  hallucinations and addiction need to be avoided by avoiding drug and substance abuse. He further explained that some people have lost their self-image, jobs, family, their lives, and have had serious health complications due to drug and substance abuse. For these and other reasons Harold entreated the youth and all gathered to avoid unhealthy lifestyles. He hinted that h lost a lot in his 20 year addiction to drugs and admonished all to avoid drugs by any means necessary. He made the youth to repeat a pledge before him which goes, "Say no to drug, say yes to life". This was the message everyone was entreated to take back to their homes and communities.

In all, there were also indoor games such as draught, Ludu and Cards. The titanic and extravaganza of soccer encounter saw football team of Sege beat Aveyime two goals to one.  Eric  EllingtonAgyedenah the CEO of Inspire Achievers, in his closing speech, indicated that we as Ghanaians must at all times, support government in solving the problems that have besieged us. He warned that we all stand the risk of suffering the consequences of  and substance abuse if we fail to act in our small way. He indicated that apart from the NGO named, The Right to Play, all other contribution made towards the success of the programs came from his friends and mates from the year 2000 BCom Alumni, his own effort, and from individuals in the two communities- Sege and Aveyime.

The games ended on a very peaceful note with Sege liftng the ultimate trophy. However, each team was presented with a football and basketball. The teaming youth expressed their appreciation to the organizers of the program and pledge that Tramadol, wee, alcohol and other substance that are injurious to their health would be avoided. They also pledge to educate their families and community members about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. They appealed to the organizers to make the event an annual event. And so, as Eric Ellington Agyedenah wait to carry the moral fight of saving the youth to the next level, and as resources are scarce in fighting this battle, Agyedenah’s hope lies not only in the support of government, but also on individuals, organizations and most importantly, God for His immense support. Ghana is the only country we have and we must not allow our youth to be led astray by drug and substance abuse.

Joseph Aketema

University of Ghana.


MA Theatre Arts (Media Arts Option)

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