Fathers bring sons back to order!

Fathers bring sons back to order!
Source: Rev. Emmanuel Adjei
Date: 18-06-2018 Time: 04:06:44:pm
Rev. Emmanuel Adjei is the Founder and General Overseer of Prayer Palace Churches Worldwide.

Many issues are plaguing the modern Ghanaian society. Among them youth unemployment is by far one of the most concerning. The World Bank states that an alarming 48% of the youth in Ghana, aged between 15 and 24 are without jobs.  In addition, out of all the graduates being produced by the nation's tertiary institutions, only 10% are able to secure jobs. Then, what happens to the remaining 90%?

It is a well-known fact that the youth represents the future of every nation. Unfortunately, the Ghanaian youth is feeling more and more aimless, abandoned, and desperate, thus ready to survive by all means.  We were all shocked as a nation by the statement of one of our young prominent public figure, who claimed during an interview with CNN, the need to exchange sexual favors with rich men in order to maintain a certain lifestyle, that would probably be seen as quite standard in many westernized nations, while it is still considered a luxury here. Indeed, in places like the US, the UK, France or Germany, it is completely normal for a 20 something year old woman to rent her own apartment and own a car, without any man assisting her to do so.

The issue of youth unemployment is pushing our youth to the wall and further weighing down on our young women who see themselves even more dependent on the favors of men. Why wouldn't they think so, since most of them are being taught from a young age that their primary purpose for existing is to be a wife and serve a man?

As a father of two daughters myself, I cannot stress enough that as a society, we need to help change our portrayal of women. Too many times, have I seen young women visit me during my counseling sessions only concerned about suitors. Often, I sit quietly and wonder, is that all there is to life? Our women are industrious, bright, and strong. It is truly high time, they discover how to tap into their true potential.

On the other hand, the young men are all concerned with making money. The issue is the few that are able to get jobs, are paid so little that they can barely survive, let alone properly take care of a family. So yes, many young men have lost their integrity just as we saw in the recent Anas documentary, because Mother Ghana let them down.

Then, what kind of nation is Ghana turning out to be? The main problem is when there is great despair, there is a great outcry of faith. We have the instance of the people of Israël in Exodus crying to God for their freedom from the Egyptian bondage. In Ghana, we now have this proliferation of churches and especially prophets, apostles, teachers, pastors, who are rising up every day, gathering huge crowds, without anyone knowing their roots. Various kinds of questionable methods are used and because the people are in despair they just accept it without questioning or testing the spirit. Special angels such as K.. and A... are summoned to assist the people of God. All this has happened for far too long and it is high time, the Fathers step in and bring the sons back to order.

I believe there is still a chance for Ghana and it will start from Fathers reconnecting with their sons, to correct the errors and catapult us to the next level. Fathers touch will be from June 20th to July 1st at the Prayer Palace Spintex, adjacent Herbalife at 6 pm daily and we will be honoured to have you there!


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